Today I'm happy to write about a very cool boy, a very talented boy, and this is Olivier Kaye!

Olivier Kaye is from Belgium and as he even told me, he loves to sing and music is the most important to him!
I do not know Olivier personally, but I decided to write an article about him too, because last year at the international festival "Cerbul de Aur" I was pleasantly surprised and also, he was one of my favorite participants!

I was very happy when Olivier was able to win both the popularity prize and the first prize and why not say? HE WAS ONE OF THE BEST! He has a very beautiful voice and it is seen that this boy repeats daily to get the best results in his music career. Also at "Cerbul de Aur " Olivier also performed with the Romanian song "Să nu-mi iei niciodată dragostea" from Holograf! Not only did he sing great this song, but most impressed me that he is a belgian and yet he managed to interpret and pronounce perfectly a song in romanian! This is very cool....because, unfortunately, many romans have forgotten these songs and they listen only to songs from abroad!

Another reason I wrote this article about Olivier Kaye is that this year Olivier wants to represent Romania at the "Eurovision Song Contest" competition. For this contest, Olivier collaborates with Ovi! Ovi is a super artist and do not forget that along with the wonderful Paula Seling, won the 3rd prize in this contest with the song "Playing with fire" and in 2014 also with Paula Seling the 12th place with the song "Miracle". 

This year, Olivier prepares for "Eurovision" with the song "Right Now", a song composed by Ovi. I can say that I appreciate the fact that a very talented belgian boy with a very good piece decided to represent Romania at such a contest and not his country. Olivier is in the semi final of the national selection, that will take place on 10th february in Arad and I hope and I am sure that he will shine in the final too! 

So we wish him a lot of success in both the semifinal and the final and let's see what he tells us!                

1.What do you want to say with the song ,,Right Now"?

,,A lot of people and specially young people don’t believe in them ! With this song, I would like to say « Go ! ». The life is really short and people have to show their talent ! « Right Now » is really positive ! "

2.How did you decide to come to România in the musical competitions ,,Golden Stag" and ,,Eurovision România" (collaborating with Ovi, an artist known in the country)?Why do you want to represent România at Eurovision and not your country?

,,I don’t know. Cerbul de Aur was amazing ! I would like to represent Romania to say « Thank you » for Cerbul ! Because I received an impressive welcome ! My decision is thankful Romanian people. I received message like « Do you want to represent Romania ? ». It is a motivation. And I look Eurovision sinds my childhood so it’s also a great experience. I tried to represent my country 2 years ago."

3.What are your plans in the near future?

,,My life is music and stage ! I’m doing my best to live my dream ! This is the slogan this year : « Dare to Dream ». This is for me and the audience ! This is for us ! I will do my best for audience !"

*If you have not yet watched the song "Right Now", composed by Ovi and played by Olivier Kaye, I invite you to do it now!


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